Korean HakGyo

Korean HakGyo 2.3

Is designed to help students learn basic Korean grammar
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Korean HakGyo is a shareware program designed to help students learn basic Korean grammar. This application is suitable for those learners who have an advanced command of the Korean language (HanGul). The course is divided into fifteen lessons. Each lesson presents the following sections: Overview, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Exercises. From the interactive Overview page, we are able to view all the topics that will be dealt with in that specific lesson. This section also displays a Mini Dialogue window displaying a few sentences. By moving our mouse over each sentence, we can view their translations. The Grammar page explains when and how to use a given topic, i.e., commonly used formal and informal greetings, plus their equivalents in English. It also provides a few examples, and their pronunciation (by a native speaker). Vocabulary section contains a vocabulary list. We can select a word, learn its meaning, listen to its pronunciation, and view a short explanation. The right side of the window shows the Vocabulary button, plus a few buttons given access to a wide range of exercises such as matching sound with word, connecting matching word with meaning, sorting words, etc. The Exercises section provides a huge number of exercise types. This program also features a searchable dictionary. It is possible to evaluate the first two lessons of this program free of charge. There are a few related programs called ReadWrite Korean, Korean FlashCards, Korean Dictionary, and WordFile Creator Pro (Korean).

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  • Cost-effective
  • Free Updates
  • Native speaker pronunciation
  • Lots of different exercises
  • Free trail demo


  • None
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